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Here is a video that may offer some answers:

What does Cub Scouting offer my son or daughter? 
    Cub Scouting offers fun and challenging activities that promote character development and physical fitness. Service projects, ceremonies, games, and other activities guide boys through the core values and offer them a sense of personal achievement. Through positive peer group interaction and parental guidance, boys also learn honesty, bravery, and respect.

How does participation in Cub Scouting affect participation in other activities? 
    The Cub Scout program is designed to compliment many other extracurricular activities. Typical time commitment is three Den meetings and one Pack meeting per month. 

What if my son or daughter misses a lot of meetings? 
    Don't worry, we are not about to send the Scout Police after you or kick anyone out. Scouting runs on the basic idea that the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. Nothing is required on attendance on any activity. What is required is that a scout is working toward his achievements as laid out in his handbook. Missed work can be made up. This will be easier and more fun if he attends the meetings regularly. Group participation as created in Den meetings allows for game play, traditional chants and songs to be learned, skits and Pack bonding that just can't be experienced working alone.

A warning: If the scout doesn't put the work in to meet the rank requirements, he/she won't receive the next level rank patch. For example, if a Tiger fails to complete his objectives, he/she may join the Wolves the following year, but he/she will not have the Tiger Patch to display on his uniform. If this seems to be a possibility, speak to your Den Leader and support will be provided to help your cub scout succeed.  

What are the responsibilities of a parent?

  • Participation in Fundraising as needed. The money raised goes to offset the cost of Pack activities, including individual participation in activities and Pack events such as the Pinewood Derby and Blue and Gold Banquet.
  • Work with your son on advancement projects and activities.
  • Attend pack meetings with your son.
  • Attend and assist with den outings as needed.
  • Attend Cub Scout Family campouts with your son. Tiger Scouts must have a parent or guardian present on campouts.
  • Purchase the needed handbook for your cub scout

What are the fees?   What do they cover and NOT cover?

Anticipated Registration Fees:

  • $33 yearly BSA Registration Fee (prorated based upon when you join)
  • $12 - annual Boys' Life magazine subscription (optional)
  • $20 - yearly Pack Fee which is used to offset the cost of den level achievement beltloops & pins, rank advancement and activity patches

Outings: (Outings are Off-Site Pack excursions.) 
The Pack has a monthly outing for the scout and their family.  Some of these outings will have costs associated with them, while others are free.  

We want to ensure that all scouts are able to participate and that cost is not a barrier.  We offer multiple fundraising opportunities throughout the year for you to participate in.  Our Pack believes that scouts should learn the importance of earning their way, so we encourage you to allow them to participate.  Scouts that help at fundraisers will reap the benefits of their work.   

A sample of charges for outings that have participated in are listed below.  Note that these prices may change.

  • Parent Cub Camporee at Raven Knob - $25 / person
  • Cub Scout Summer Resident Camp at Raven Knob - $125 / scout and $75 / adult
  • Cub Scout Summer Day Camp - $55 / scout
  • Family Camping Trips - $5 - $10 / person
  • Lock-ins - Free - $5 / person
  • WS Dash Game & Scout Camping - $15 / person
  • WFU Football Scout Day - $15 / person
  • Hikes at local state and community parks - no charge
  • Bicycle Rodeo - no charge
Handbooks and Uniforms

Parents are also financially responsible for the Scout's Handbook. It costs between $8-$17. They are also required to purchase or acquire the uniform.  Pack 728 does not require the official uniform shorts, socks or hat.  We would like to see all boys in a uniform shirt, neckerchief and slide.  Make sure to reference the uniform checklist. Uniforms are also recycled and it is possible to attain pieces as needed as they are made available.  If you need assistance with a uniform, please don't hesitate to ask.

Can we join mid-way through the school year?
    Yes. Depending on when your scout jumps in may determine the ability to achieve the rank badge. Your scout would still be eligible to earn special belt loops or achievement pins and be recognized in many other ways.  He / She would still participate in all the Den and Pack activities and would also be able to go to the outings and sign-up for Summer Camp. It will still be a rewarding way to spend a Monday night.

What type of training do Leaders go through?
    First, all leaders must be approved by the Chartered Organization and are required to pass a criminal background check before they are allowed to proceed with any training. All leaders are required to complete BSA's youth protection training.  We actually encourage all of our parents to complete this training. Each leader must go through official Boy Scout Training which often involves a full-day workshop to learn specific skills and online training modules. Depending on what Leadership Role a volunteer agrees to will depend on the type of training that will be required.